Wembley Fraggle
Wembley Fraggle
Wembley Fraggle
Films The Legend of Epicness
TV Shows Fraggle Rock
House of Animals
Games Turbo Runner
Friends All five main Fraggles
Roobear Koala
Pinkie Pie
Enemies Junior Gorg
Ma Gorg
Pa Gorg
Mojo Jojo
Cat R. Waul
Wilde Wolf
The Grand Duke of Owls
Judge Doom
Anacondrai Tribe
Park attractions

Wembley Fraggle is the main character in House of Animals. His skin is yellowish green. He has a long nose and big movable eyes, and a big tuft of yellow hair on his head. He usually wears a banana tree shirt. His new friends are Roobear Koala, Pinkie Pie, Tails, B.O.B. and Doraemon.

House of AnimalsEdit

Wembley makes appeared in House of Animals. He been living in Fraggle Rock with Gobo Fraggle, Red Fraggle, Boober Fraggle, and Mokey Fraggle until They founded a Portal that goes to 2nd World. So, Wembley and his Friends are going to Portal, They met Rarity, Uni-Kitty and Woody Woodpecker. He uses all their magic powers to fight against Evil, He is very nice and loves to talk to friends. Sometimes, He Gets Trouble.

Turbo RunnerEdit

He makes a cameo in Turbo Runner.